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Massage - CBD Massage Oils from Nature's Sentry
Nature's Sentry CBD Massage Oils

Organically grown in Vermont, Nature’s Sentry CBD massage oils are offered exclusively to Massage Therapists and Spa Operators through our Wholesale sales program. Our massage oils contain 25 mg full spectrum CBD and are available in three blends: Unscented, Deep Muscle, and De-Stress.

Nature's Sentry CBD Massage Oils use on the purest, organic oils.

Ingredients Matter

Nature's Sentry Organic CBD Massage Oils are handcrafted with the finest nourishing carrier and essential oils.

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Nature's Sentry CBD Massage Oils provide benefits to clients as well masage therapists and spa owners.

Why Choose Us?

Our pure, high quality CBD massage oils will cover more clients, increase sales, and generate repeat business.

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Visit the Nature's Sentry Information Center Blog for answers to most frequently asked questios about our organic CBD massage oils.

Information Center

Learn answers to frequently asked questions about our CBD massage oils, as well as current topics of interest to the spa industry.

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